Porquerolles: work in progress.

Extracts from new 16mm / digital work in progress: https://vimeo.com/300127524


4 x 3 x 2: New multiple film loop work

New 16mm film loop work for two to four projectors. 4 x 3 x 2 was shot on Super 16mm, thereby generating an optical soundtrack when played on a standard 16mm projector. It was premiered at BEEF -Bristol Experimental and Expanded Film- as part of a one-day workshop with Vicky Smith, BEEF member, on Rayogramme and site specific film making on October 23rd, 2018. The version shown here is for two projectors.

Interval [ ] still : now is on at Tintype Gallery, London, during March 2018, with work by Moyra Derby, Jost Münster, Conor Kelly, Joan Key and myself. Thanks to Teresa Grimes of Tintype.

Images and video link below. All the work is designed to overlap in various ways, and further layers are developed by the mobility of the spectator. My 16mm film loop Standard 8, is a site specific work, in that the subject of the film is projected back onto itself in negative. The silhouette of the painting by Moyra Derby is in the film, while the actual work is adjacent to the projection. The second work Black White Black, is a two projector digital video, designed to be adaptable to different situations, here projected onto a free standing work by Moyra Derby and paintings by Jost Münster.

Nicky Tintype New Work

Wider view below shows a hanging work by Jost Münster.

P1020507Interval [ ] still : now


Stan Brakhage the realm buster

Brakhage cover

Edited by Marco Lori and Esther Leslie, published 09.01.2018 by John Libbey Press ISBN: 978-0861967285. Includes my essay on Brakhage’s use of black in several of his films, including some from the Roman Numeral Series, Arabic 14 and the extraordinary Passage Through: A Ritual (1990), which consists of fifty minutes of running time, for all but about a minute of which the screen is black. This is perhaps Brakhage’s most radical film and is certainly his most minimal. Book cover blurb below.

Brakhage Blurb