Below is a complete list of my publications to date. PDFs of most of the essays are available on request, including full length versions of texts that were edited for publication.

Giusy Pirrotta: catalogue essay for the exhibition tanto tempo fa, quando la terra era piatta, at Galleria Massimodeluca, Mestre, Venice, 2014.

Wild Interior: catalogue essay for Suky Best’s show at Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, May 2014.

One Photo: essay on an image from Joséphine Michel’s series Halfway to White, in Photography and Culture Journal, volume 7, no 2, July 2014, ISSN: 1751-4517, Online ISSN: 1751-4525

What’s Wrong with Cinema in the Gallery, on Philippe Parreno and Douglas Gordon, in MIRAJ Journal issue 2, Intellect Books, ISBN 20456298, 2012.

Mutable Screens, essay on Lis Rhodes, Steve Farrer, Guy Sherwin & Nicky Hamlyn, in Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance and Film, Tate  publishing, ISBN 978-1854379740, 2011.

Medium Practices, essay in Public journal, issue 44, pub York University, Toronto, ISSN: 0845-4450, 2011.

Correspondences, written dialogue with the painter Angela Allen around my films of her paintings, Sequence issue number 2, ISSN: 2048-2167, 2011.

Five Cities: introductory essay for a book of photographs by Nicholas Sinclair, Royal Academy Publications, ISBN: 978-1-905711-57-4, 2010

 Layers and Lattices: Films of Helga Fanderl, in Sequence, issue number 1,No.w.here Publications ISSN 2048-2167, 2010.

Five Short Films in Retrospectiv: Film and Video Art in Norway, 1960-90, Atopia Stiftelse publishing, ISBN: 978-82-998385-0-4, 2010.

On the First Ten Minutes of Slow Glass: essay on John Smith for DVD box set of his film and video work, LUX pubications, 2010.

Peter Kubelka’s Arnulf Rainer in The Classic Avant Garde, conference papers, eds: Dietrich Scheunemann & Alexander Graf, Rodopi, ISBN: 978-9042023055, 2007.

Press release/essay for Conor Kelly at Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, April. 2006. http://www.greenonredgallery.com/current.html

The Elusive Frame: catalogue essay for Moving Frame exhibition, Royal College of Art, September 2006, pages 22-28, RCA pub.

Magnetic Memory: A Day-Long Video Tribute to Nam June Paik, Film Quarterly, Dec 2006, Vol. 60, no.2, ISSN: 015-1386, 2006.

The Roman Numeral Films in: Stan Brakhage: Filmmaker  ed: David James, Temple University Press ISBN: 1592132723, 2005.

A Line Through my Film Work in Experimental Film and Video: Anthology, eds. Jackie Hatfieldand Steve Littman, University of Westminster/John Libby Press ISBN: 0 86196 664 3, 2005.

Stan Brakhage’s Text of Light, short paper/introduction given at screening of the film to accompany the colour exhibition at the Barbican Centre, London, 27th July, 2005.


 London Avant-Garde Roundup in Film Quarterly, Winter 2007-8, volume 61, number 2, ISSN: 015-1386, 2006.

Public Places Private Thoughts (essay on film and voice) Luxonline at: http://www.luxonline.org.uk/tours/Nicky_Hamlyn/nicky1.html

Site Specificity in Film and Video Installation in Experiments in Moving Image,EpiGraph / University of Westminster, ISBN: 1 902458 06 0, 2004.

Guy Sherwin Profile  at Lux Online:http://www.luxonline.org.uk/articles/essays/guy_sherwin/detail1.html

 Film Locations: A Tour of some Film Locations, at Lux Online at:


Invisible Green in: Time Frames ed. Sandra Drew, Stour Valley Arts Project. ISBN: 0953534081, 2004.

Film Art Phenomena, (Book) BFI Publishing ISBN 0851709729, 2003.

Michael Snow at the Arnolfini Gallery, Film Waves 16. ISSN: 1460 4051, 2002

Turner Prize 2001: Richard Billingham and Isaac Julien, Film Waves 17. ISSN: 1460 4051, 2002

John Smith’s local Locations in John Smith Film and Video 1972-2002,  Picture This Moving Image/Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, ISBN: 0-9539872-4-8, 2002.

Bill Viola at Anthony D’Offay Gallery, Film Waves 15. ISSN: 1460 4051, 2001.

Film, Video, TV: Guy Sherwin, David Larcher, David Hall, Coil magazine, April. ISBN: 1 901540 05 7, 2000.

Evening Echoes installation by Conor Kelly and John Carson at the Economist Plaza, Art Monthly Website, May. 1998

On Location, catalogue essay, Zone Festival, Maidstone, Kent, 1998.

Six entries for the Arts Council of England Directory of 100 British Film and Video Artists, ISBN: 1 86020 003 6, 1996.

Structural Traces, chapter in The British Avant-Garde Film 1926-95 Ed. Michael O`Pray, Arts Council of England/University of Luton press. ISBN: 1 86020 004 4, 1996.

Uses and Abuses of 8mm Film Catalogue essay for Viva 8 International 8mm film and video festival, Toynbee Hall, London, January 1996.

Elliott Ashton`s Interactive Feedback No.1 (unpublished discussion of video installation), February 1996.

 Bill Viola Collected Writings: Book review/essay, Vertigo, 1996.

Sculpture for a Windless Space, a film by Barbara Meter, catalogue essay, 1996.

From the Outside, a film by Barbara Meter, catalogue essay, 1996.

Future PianoUnknown Public #3 ( music journal on CD ), 1994.

Cutting it Out: Interviews with Film editors, book review, Sight and Sound, January 1993.

Voiceworks  CD by David Cunningham, Variant #15, 1993.

One-minute TV, Variant #12. ISSN: 0945 8815, 1992.

One-minute works on “The Late Show”, Art Monthly, July-August 1991.

From Structuralism to Imagism- Peter Gidal and his influence in the 1980s, Undercut 17, 1991.

Video Positive festival, The Guardian 30.4.1991.

Situationist retrospective, The Guardian, 4.7.1990.

New artists` film and video from the Video Umbrella, Art Monthly, February, 1990.

 BP Expo: Student film and video at Riverside Studios, Art Monthly, April 1990.

New films by Cordelia Swan, Sandra Lahire and Amanda Holliday, Performance magazine #60. ISSN: 0 144 5901, 1990.

Erotic Films by European women filmmakers, Performance #61, 1990.

The Garden by Derek Jarman, Performance #62, 1990.

New British Film and Video at the London Film Festival, Art Monthly, February, 1989.

Video Positive festival review, The Guardian 24.2.1989.

Video Positive review, Art Monthly, April. ISSN: 0142 6702, 1989.

Worlds in Reflection: Bill Viola at Riverside Studios, The Guardian newspaper, 19.8.1988.

The far side of the screen, Nam June Paik retrospective at the Hayward Gallery, The Guardian, 6.10.1988.

Films of David Finch, Independent Media, February, 1987.

Frameless Film, Undercut 13 (special animation issue), 1984.

Recent English Super8 film at B2 gallery, Undercut 10/11, 1983.

Sigmund Freud`s Dora– a suitable case for treatment, Undercut 3 / 4, 1982.

Seeing is believing: Snow`s Wavelength reconsidered, Afterimage 11, (special issue serving as catalogue to Michael Snow`s retrospective at  Canada House, London). ISSN: 0261 4472, 1982.

Philosophy of apes, Undercut 1. ISSN: 0267 8497. 1981.










1751-4517Philosophy of apes, Undercut 1. ISSN: 0267 8497. 1981.Sigmund Freud`s Dora– a suitable case for treatment, Undercut 3 / 4, 1982.Seeing is believing: Snow`s Wavelength reconsidered, Afterimage 11, (special issue serving as catalogue to Michael Snow`s retrospective at  Canada House, London). ISSN: 0261 4472, 1982.












ISSN: 1751-4517 Online ISSN: 1751-4525
ISSN: 1751-4517 Online ISSN: 1751-4525

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