Gasometers 2

Gasometers Part 2, 16mm, colour, silent, 14 minutes, 2015, is the first of three films of Gas Holders in North London, in this case a pair in Tottenham. The film, which records these redundant structures, which were used to stabilise gas storage cylinders when gas was produced locally from coal, is as much a study in light and atmosphere as it is of the buildings themselves. A variety of strict filming procedures, including time-lapse, were used to generate self-contained sequences. Show at the London Film Festival, 2015 and Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2016.

Gasometers 3.Gasometers 3.4

Gasometers Part 3, colour and B&W, silent, 14 minutes, 2015. A single large gas holder near Angel Road, Edmonton. Shown at Black Box, Edinburgh Film Festival, 2015 and Onion City, Chicago, 2016.

Honore Nicolas.Still.2

Honoré Nicolas, 16mm film, B&W, silent, 5minutes, 2015, is a study of a garden in Arles, Provence, shot over a one week period from the same camera position, and edited entirely in-camera. The curtain, which conceals a car-port, dances wildly to the Mistral wind.


Concentrics, 16mm film, B&W, silent, indefinite duration, 2016, like Risoni (see above) is a double loop work for a single projector. The ten-second long loops are identical, except one is one frame shorter than the other (239 and 240 frames). As the loops are projected they generate Moire patterns, which shift slightly each time the loops go round, as the conjunction between the loops shots by a frame. The work takes about 48 minutes to complete a cycle of all the possible conjunctions.

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