Stop Gap

More documentation from the one-day Stop Gap show here, featuring a 16mm film loop I made, the imagery for which is derived from a drawing by Moyra Derby, onto whose two panel piece the film was projected. Documentation courtesy of Tom Brown:

Documentation of Stopgap, mixed show at UCA Canterbury

Some installation shots from the second iteration of Interval, a joint project by myself, Moyra Derby, Conor Kelly, Joan Key and Jost Münster, in the Herbert Read Gallery, UCA, Canterbury. (The first edition was presented at the Whitstable Biennalle in 2016). The principle of the project is that component works may be seen as overlapping or combining in various ways, via a process of visual re-framing by the spectator, which generates conjunctions and hence extends the scope and meaning of the individual works. My short film loop, shot on a Super 16mm camera, is of a drawing by Moyra Derby. The drawing generates an optical soundtrack and the loop is played over and between a two-panel work by Derby and a large painting by Jost Münster.