Talk on Resonance FM

I will be talking with William English about the future of film and related issues, and playing some film-related music (and some not) on his programme on Resonance FM, on Friday 29th March from 2.30 to 3.30pm. Resonance is on 104.4 FM in London and at online. William’s programmes are archived on his website at

1 thought on “Talk on Resonance FM

  1. I listened to all of this program with great pleasure while I did the morning breakfast dishes, having seen (with Helen) Django Unchained the night before. Luckily there was absolutely no connection between the flic and your talk, from which I learned a great deal and would have learned even more from a printed transcript with footnotes! You were in very good form I thought but of course the real pleasure was in hearing your voice.

    Over to the UK in late May with Sophie for Asa’s 21st and a side trip to Paris and two weeks work in the BL. Keep TWO copies of your book for us and we’ll pick up and pay when we’re there or we can just drop an English cheque in the mail if you’d prefer.

    Cheerio Julian

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