Fieldwork 2

Installation views of film and video work from a recent exhibition by staff and research students in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, London. The show was held in the basement space of a former Chinese restaurant in South Kensington. As well as the film and video seen here, the show included photography by Joséphine Michel and Ian Wibin, print work by Nanette Hoogslag, 3D installations by Catrin Morgan and Andrew Vallance and a catalogue essay by Nils Jean.

Nicky Hamlyn: Berlin Moiré, one of a series of video works recording the spontaneous occurance of Moiré patterns in the landscape.


Nicky Hamlyn (left) and Neil Henderson’s Tidal Island, a film of an experimental reservoir constructed in the Wash off the Lincolnshire coast.

Cathy Rogers: All Around You. Super 8 film exposed in a globe shaped pinhole camera, hung in a glass globe and lit by a Super 8 projector.

Gareth Polmeer: Progressions. Recordings of water or the sky are layered and reconfigured
both spatially and temporally through the pixel matrix of the raster grid.

Suky Best: Fly-Through no. 5: A short animated film, constructed as an endless loop inside a fictional house. Rooms appear consecutive but have been taken from catalogues of many stately homes, royal palaces, and the Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.


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